Palanca Letter

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Palanca Letter

Follower of Jesus,

You mustn’t let anything deter you as you journey forward.  Especially you, young people, Follow Him!  Follow Jesus with great passion, generosity, and great faith!  As Jesus has called you, follow Him.  The great abandon that you have in following Him now, could be tested later.  Don’t give up.

Remember how happy you are now that you have given everything to follow after Him.  Remember how you see things now.  You can see so clearly that you are following the will of God.  This is a great grace that He has given to you so that you might continue on.  There are times in life that you will be put to the test.

As you can see now, God Loves you personally and dearly.  The doubts that you have encountered from others, could one day come from your very self.  The confirmations that you find from those around you, supporting you, encouraging you, helping you, could all change.  Look at how God has provided.  God has been generous.  Thank Him that He allows others to see His work in your life.  Typically, He moves in secret.  He who sees in secret will repay in secret.

Keep focused upon the cross of Jesus Christ.  As you get closer to Calvary, things could change drastically.  What then?  Will you still follow Jesus?  I know that you can’t imagine ever abandoning Him or not giving everything to follow after Him and His way, but it is by grace alone that you are able to do every good work whatsoever.

The closer you become to Calvary, the more lonely it may become.  Will you still follow Him?  Ready your heart.  Don’t live in fear, but you must be real with yourselves.  You might fall along the way – and this is ok.  Jesus too, fell three times along the journey to Calvary.

But, the temptation to leave everything of Christ – and count it all as loss – will be strong when you are being stripped of all of your own powers.  Everything could seem backwards.  Everything that you know could seem wrong.  I know that you don’t understand what I am saying now, but I tell you – be prepared in your willingness to serve Him with your life.

Don’t become confused.  Follow after Christ.  Your happiness could turn to sorrow.  But, I tell you – joy comes in the morning.  Follow after Christ!

Many have set out to follow Him and many have turned back.  I know that you know this.  But, ardent follower of Christ, be prepared!  Pray that you may endure the test.  If the whole world were to tell you not to follow Him, what would you do?  I know that right now, this may seem impossible, but I tell you, be prepared – if the heavenly Father withdraws this grace of passionate giving that only young people can have – it will take much more effort to give when the grace of passionate giving is gone.

Give thanks for your memory.  Give thanks for your determination.  Give thanks for your will.  Give thanks for your assured attitude.  This is more than commendable.  This is all gift.  If God strips it all away – or allows it to be stripped away – what then?  Of course, you know now that He should take whatever He’d like.  But, when you know nothing, will you still follow Him, with your spirit alone?  You must follow Him!

Please, be prepared to follow Him in good times and in bad.  Even the pagans love their own when all is well.  But, when you see how fallen your flesh is, when you see how broken your spirit is, when you realize that most of your actions are more like the enemy of God rather than God Himself, will you still follow Jesus?

Remember these days!  Look at how sure you are now.  This could be gone if the Lord so desired.  If you become unhappy later on – please, continue on.  Jesus always satisfies – maybe not on your timeline – but you must continue on – especially if, and when the test comes.

The temptation to follow after feelings, consolations, the things of this world, or your old self – could return with a vengeance!  Give thanks to God, who helps you like a little child.  As you grow, and learn to walk in a more mature faith, a faith like the saints, what will you do then?  You must be prepared to grow.  You mustn’t give up all the hard work that it took you to get this far.  Don’t abandon Christ.  We have learned from the apostles.  Jesus is risen.  We cannot pretend as though He has only died upon the cross.

Please, dear sons and daughters, follow after Him Alone with great abandon.  Blessings and Honor to Him Who has embraced the cross of Redemption for the Love of the Father and the Life of the world.  Follow Him to calvary.  Die with Him, so that You might rise with Him on the last day.  For now, hold fast to what you know is true – because one day, all the grace that God has given to you, could be taken away – in exchange for Him Alone who wishes to reside in your souls.

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  1. I have decided to follow Jesus . . . no turning back . . .no turning back . . . The cross before me . . . the world behind me. . . though none go with me, still I will follow . . . no turning back . . no turning back . . . and when I fall and I can’t go on, I will beg for his help and start over on the road to Calvary

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